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So, where are we gonna ride ?

How it works ?

BikeSpot is a crowdsourced app for sharing GPS bike routes, funded by a passionated triathlet.

Our mission:
Allow riders discovering the unexplored and connect them together.


Search made easy to discover best routes around you.

Get useful information that will make your ride the most pleasant.


Share your own routes in 2 minutes to make them available for your fellow riders.

Write down rate & review to make each route even better.

Outside is free !

You are one of those riders who rarely go off the beaten paths.

Or those who passionately share the discovery of the unknown.

Those who in doubt stay warm on the home trainer.

Or those who explore their countryside with the crew no matter the weather.

Those who prepare their holidays for 7 days.

Or those who tirelessly return to their secret garden.

breteuil castel bike trip

Over the years I've gone through these different styles of cyclist.

I personally often take a lot of time to plan routes when I ride with my fellow riders, and I even open google street view to assure them the best experience !

Yet every corner of the world is full of passionate cyclists who know every turn like the back of their hand, and who have so much to show us.

That's why I created Bikespot, to gather our beloved community.

Share our best routes so that we can finally enjoy the most beautiful experiences in 2 clicks, wherever our next escapes will take us.

Frejus road bike trip

Thanks for reading me !
Enjoy your ride 🀟 - Nicolas

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